Our Team – James Jekinson (Engineering & Energy)

Mr James Jekinson received his Batchelor of Engineering in Agriculture at the University of Pretoria in 1985. In his last year, he worked part time at Murray Biesenbach and Badenhorst where he worked specifically with irrigation projects. After graduation he had to do my military service, but soon was transferred to the department of Co-operation and Development, where he was involved in assisting farmers with designing of irrigation systems and the implementing there-of.

Dalein Plaasbou offered James a position and soon became interested in intensive animal housing. As this company specialized in this department, James had the opportunity to be involved in various projects. These included the following:

• Planning of broiler & layer houses.
• Piggery design, planning and erecting.
• Design of dairy portals and zero grazing barns.
• Waste management of different animals’ effluent.
• Development of home mixing mills, or better known as the mini-mill concept in 1990.

In 1993, James decided to erect his own piggery and also helped his partner to get free-range layers off the ground. Currently have a 1,250 sow-unit and 16,000 free-range layers in production, as well as 80 head of Ngunis. His mill supplies all his animals’ feed requirements.

In 2002, James made the important decision to start my own engineer’s consultancy business. He assists up and coming black farmers to start farming with pigs. Furthermore he had the privilege to have been involved in various African countries (Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, Angola and Nigeria).

James has a prototype biogas plant on his own farm. It converts pig effluent to biogas and gas to power by means of a turbine. He is currently involved in various projects where he is assisting with the commissioning of biogas plants in South-Africa.

James had the honor of being a member of organized agriculture by serving on pork producers organizations on provincial, as well as national, board level since 1993. In this period he had the privilege of chairing both these boards on different occasions. It was also a very special day when he was awarded a golden medal in 2012 for his contribution to the pig industry – this was a very humbling experience.